7 Most Beautiful Towns in France

There is no place like home. We wanted to stay in towns and villages where we can live a normal life. It should also be peaceful where beautiful and good-hearted people live in harmony.

In this article, we mentioned few of the most beautiful towns in the world you can definitely include in your must-visit list. Now, let us take you to some of the must-visit towns in France.


11 - 7 Most Beautiful Towns in France
On top of the list of Huffington Post’s most enchanting towns in France is Ars-en-Ré. Formerly called Ars, this town is located on the island of Ré on France’s western coast. The inhabitants here are called Arsais, who are also nicknamed the Casserons, a term called for baby cuttlefishes commonly found on the island. There are only about 1,300 people living here. This town has enchanting streets and high-end restaurants.


12 - 7 Most Beautiful Towns in France
This town is considered to be a little Venice because of its colorful homes, cute stores, and flower-lined canals. This town is also a home for religious buildings, monuments, and museums, among others. If you want to take a tour around the town, you can take a canoe trip through their clean canals and stop over their waterside cafes and restaurants.


13 - 7 Most Beautiful Towns in France
Another vibrantly-colored town is the Eguisheim located at the Alsatian Wine Route. The town has the notable unusual circular layout of streets, which makes it easier for you to go around the village. There are a variety of wine and food bars here. Further, you can explore their quaint shops, gardens and other dramatic views. You can also feel a fairy tale vibe because of their preserved medieval homes.


14 - 7 Most Beautiful Towns in France
A magical place indeed is the town of Gordes, among the charming towns of Provence. This town has been inhabited since Roman times, now the people here are called Gordiens. The place is surrounded by mountains, hills and valleys. For those who wanted to start building their home, they have a general rule that the structure should be made of stone and shall use terracotta roof tiles. They also do not allow fences, only stone walls. Travelers love to wind in their streets before watching the sunset over the fields of lavender in the nearby valley.


15 - 7 Most Beautiful Towns in France
This is one of the most visited towns in France because of its historical architectures. The structures here are not badly damaged during World War II. French often regarded this town as the most beautiful village in France. They are also widely known for their Riesling and other excellent wines, thus you can take a tour at their many wine cellars and wineries.


16 - 7 Most Beautiful Towns in France
If you are very creative and artistic, you perfectly belong to this town. Lourmarin, definitely one of the prettiest, charms its visitors because of its ivy-covered streets, small galleries, colorful homes and lavender-filled corners. You can also visit their Renaissance castle and Protestant and Catholic churches. Lourmarin has been the hometown of various artists, investors, and writers such as Philippe de Guard, Henri Bosco, and Albert Camus, among others.


17 - 7 Most Beautiful Towns in France
Étretat is one of the most popular towns in Upper Normandy. It is a charming town filled with markets and B&B’s. You can easily fall in love with their dramatic cliffs and natural arches. It is also recommendable to take a hike to the beautiful church of Notre Dame de la Garde and proceed to sunrise-watching over the cliff.

These were just few of the many beautiful towns in France. Can you name other towns not on the list?

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