5 Wonderful Geological Formations on Earth

A long time ago, Earth was believed to be one mass of land. But due to natural phenomena like the tectonic plate movements, the land was divided into continents. It paved the way to natural wonders like the mountains, volcanoes, plateaus, and rock formations. Oceans, lakes, and rivers were also born.

In this naturally-evolving world, there are unlimited wonderful geological formations due to certain natural phenomena. We gathered a list of some of the most amazing geological wonders on Earth.

Tibetan Plateau, China

Tibetan Plateau stands at 16,400 feet in Western China that is why it is often called as the ‘roof of the world’. It is about half the size of 48 states and is surrounded by massive mountain ranges. The plateau has an alpine tundra environment due to its elevation and lack of precipitation. It has been a home for vultures, wolves, leopards, yaks, donkeys, snakes and buffalos, among others. There are also Nomads in the area.

The Door To Hell, Turkmenistan

If you want to have an idea what hell looks like, at least, visit The Door to Hell located in Turkmenistan. According to Forbes, Soviet geologists found the area and drilled it to obtain natural gas. Unfortunately, the ground collapsed and left a very large crater. To avoid the spread of the natural gas to the locals, scientists burned the ground believing that the fire will quickly stop. Now, the fire pit is still burning and there are no signs when it will stop despite various failed attempts to put the fire out.

Fumaroles Yellowstone, Wyoming, USA

This geological formation is purely a work of an art with its display of wonderful colors and geochemistry. From the word fumus which means ‘smoke’, the area releases gases such as sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon dioxide, among others. Further, it produces a wide variety of minerals and acidic gases. Approximately, there are estimated thousands of fumaroles existing in Yellowstone. Unfortunately for visitors, there were reported cases of three killed ski-patrol workers due to the fumarole emissions.

Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

This looker located near Page, Arizona is actually an eroded slot canyon. Its name means ‘a place where water runs through rocks’ because basically, this land formation was formed due to extreme flash flooding in the area, followed by other sub-aerial processes. Now, it has been one of the tourist spots in Arizona, helping the tourism industry of the Navajo nation. The place has been opened for access since 1997 and has attracted millions of sightseers and photographers worldwide.

Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

Also found in Arizona, USA is the Grand Canyon which is carved by the Colorado River. It has been one of the oldest geological formations as it goes back nearly two billion years ago. Former President Theodore Roosevelt initiated a major preservation program of the Grand Canyon, especially that it has become a notable tourist destination for many. For nearly thousand years, the Canyon has been inhabited by Native Americans.

As long as Earth exists, there will be more incredible geological formations. What do you think of these wonders?

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