6 Most Beautiful Rivers in the World

If you are the kind of person who considers beaches and lakes as mainstream travel destinations, then try to visit rivers. There are about 165 major rivers on Earth. Rivers have become part of the lives of the people, especially our ancestors. This has been their source of water and food to survive.

Now, rivers aren’t only just mere source of our needs, but indeed tourist destinations. We round up a list of 6 beautiful rivers in the world.

Amazon River, South America

31 - 6 Most Beautiful Rivers in the World
On top of the of CNN’s must-travel rivers in the world is the ever famous Amazon river. This river in South America is the largest river by discharge volume of water in the world. It is very prominent because it is a home for over 400 native Indian tribes. It is also a sanctuary of a wide variety of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and fishes. One can enjoy trailing the river through wildlife spotting and kayaking.

Volga River, Russia

32 - 6 Most Beautiful Rivers in the World
Volga River is one of the trademark tourist spots in Russia and is the longest river in Europe. The river houses 11 of Russia’s 20 biggest cities on its banks. It had also been a home for certain ethnic groups such as the Merya, Huns and Turkic tribes. Now, it is very popular with visitors especially during the height of the summer.

Loire, France

33 - 6 Most Beautiful Rivers in the World
Hailed as France’s longest river, Loire is really a looker because of the complementing manicured gardens and green hills stretching to the horizon. In the Loire Valley lies the tree species of oak, pine, and beech. There are also ash, alder, and willows. Further, it has 57 species from 20 families of freshwater fishes. Definitely, one can survive living near this river.

Rio Futaleufú, Argentina, Chile

34 - 6 Most Beautiful Rivers in the World
This brilliant aquamarine body of water across the Andres and extend to southeastern Chile. Rio Futaleufú is considered by locals as a landscape painted by God because of its remarkable color complemented by the glacial snow. This river is also perfect for thrill-seekers because of its water rapids. Apart from its beauty, it is also rich in natural resources like precious metals. It can also be effective for producing hydropower electricity.

Ganges River, India, Bangladesh

35 - 6 Most Beautiful Rivers in the World
Very known to the world because of its sacredness is the Ganges river of India and Bangladesh. Historically, it was believed by Hindus as a lifeline as it has provided them with a supply of water and food. Pilgrims also converge at the river to bathe and do their rituals. The Ganges river was considered to be the fifth most polluted river in 2007, which threatens many life forms including 140 species of fishes and 90 amphibian species.

Nile, Africa

36 - 6 Most Beautiful Rivers in the World
Of course, nothing beats the longest river in the world. Nile river is 4,528 miles long which cover eleven countries from Tanzania to Egypt. It has also become the natural water source of Egypt and Sudan. This river is also associated with Ancient Egypt’s historical sites. There is available Nile river cruising adventure for those who want to enjoy the locals’ lives and the picturesque sceneries at a slow pace.

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