8 Incredible Rock Formations in the World

Nature is really full of wonderful formations. There are amazing landscapes, mountains, forests, and beaches. But even rock formations can impress you. Especially if you get to know how they were formed for the past years.

Let us bring you to some of the most famous and incredible rock formations in the world you can definitely visit.

Aphrodite Rocks, Cyprus

41 - 8 Incredible Rock Formations in the World
Also known as Petra TouRomiou which means “Rock of the Greek’, Aphrodite rocks has been one of the most famous spots in Pafos, Cyprus. It is believed that the Greek mythological figure Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, was born here. Some people believe that swimming here makes one younger and more beautiful.

Ayers Rocks, Australia

42 - 8 Incredible Rock Formations in the World
This beautiful rock formation is located in the Northern Territory (Central Australia). Ayers Rocks is considered one of the world’s largest monoliths. It has a height of more than 318 meters or almost 1000 feet. This sandstone rock formation is considered sacred by the people especially it changes its color during sunset and sunrise.

Immortal Bridge, Mt. Tai, China

43 - 8 Incredible Rock Formations in the World
The formation is composed of three huge rocks and small rocks connected to each other resembling a bridge. This rock formation in Mount Tai in Shandong, China was believed to exist during the Ice Age. The Chinese call this the ‘immortal bridge’ as it remained compacted despite certain natural disasters.

Khao Ta-Pu – James Bond Island, Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

44 - 8 Incredible Rock Formations in the World
If you have watched the James Bond movie – The Man with the Golden Gun, you can recall this famous rock. It is one of the tourist destinations in Thailand, however, tourists are restricted to go near the limestone formation to avoid damages. The rock formation is 20-meter high.

KannesteinenVågsøy, Norway

45 - 8 Incredible Rock Formations in the World
This rock formation is very artistic as the huge stone is supported by a narrow trunk. This 3-meter high mushroom-like rock formation is located near the village of Oppedal in Norway. Some of the tourists often call the rock formation a ‘fist’ and a ‘heart’.

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

46 - 8 Incredible Rock Formations in the World
Believe it or not, this beautiful rock formation was an outcome of a volcanic eruption. It has interlocking basalt columns, about 40,000, formed by the cooling of lava. Due to how incredible it looks, some say it is manmade. This rock formation continues to be one of the most visited tourist attractions in Northern Ireland.

Fairy Chimneys, Turkey

47 - 8 Incredible Rock Formations in the World
This amazing rock formation found in Cappadocia region in Turkey joins BBC’s top most amazing rock formations. As you can see, it has strange conical spires of various sizes. Million years ago, active volcanoes erupted and covered the ground with ash. The wind and rain then compressed the volcanic ashes and formed the fairy chimneys.

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, USA

48 - 8 Incredible Rock Formations in the World
Outside the Page town in Arizona, there is an amazing site called the Horseshoe Bend. The rock formation was surrounded by the waters of Colorado River. There is a noticeable dramatic change in the color of the formation during different times of the day. Authorities do not advise tourists to trail the Horseshoe bend because there are no guards within the area.

What do you think of these incredible rock formations? Have you seen one like these? Share them with us.

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