5 Most Relaxing Villages in the World

When we get tired from hiking mountains and rock formations and swimming in beaches and pools, all we want to do is to take a rest in our home. Sometimes, we seek for peace and silence, while hearing the sound of the birds chirping and the blow of the wind.

In this article, we will bring you to some of the best villages in the world – perfect for you to relax and find serenity. Check these out:

Bosa, Oristano, Italy

21 - 5 Most Relaxing Villages in the World
Located at Northwest coast of Sardinia city, Italy, Bosa is a small seaside town built around a medieval castle called ‘Castello Malaspina’. Temo River runs through Bosa town as it is only the navigable river in Sardinia city. The little town is known for its firm preservation of cultural heritage and architectural beauty. From the hilltop castle, you can enjoy the wide view of Bosa town. You can also swim at Bosa Marina, the nearest to the town and the cleanest beach.

Marsaxlokk, Malta

22 - 5 Most Relaxing Villages in the World
This town is famous for its fishing industry. The sea nearby Marsaxlokk is abundant of a wide variety of fishes, making it a major livelihood for the locals. They have colorful boats and markets. The boats are named ‘Luzzus’ which has a painting of the mythical eyes of Osiris. According to them, the eyes will watch over them to protect them from evil. Apart from the fishing market, they have a number of good cafes and restaurants.

Giethoorn, Netherlands

23 - 5 Most Relaxing Villages in the World
If you want a quiet and simple village, you can buy a property at Giethoorn located at Overijssel province in Netherlands. You cannot hear honks and vrooms here as cars are not allowed in the town. They transport through biking or walking. Although they have electric boats but trust us, they are also free from noise. Very likely to Venice, this town has been called the ‘Venice of Netherlands’. It is also considered one of the greenest towns in Netherlands. It has so many trees, plants, and flowers.

Bibury, England, U.K

24 - 5 Most Relaxing Villages in the World
Widely known for its preservation of architectural beauty, Bibury is often considered as the most beautiful village in England. The main attraction here is the 17th century stone cottages and houses. These cottages were built as monastic wool stores, which is then converted into Weaver’s cottages. There is also a trout farm here visited often by tourists. It is a farm for swans, geese, ducks, and kingfishers, among others.

Reine, Nordland County, Norway

25 - 5 Most Relaxing Villages in the World
On top of the list of The Mysterious World is the village of Reine in Nordland County, Norway. It is situated in between cliffs and bays – truly it can be the most beautiful village in the world. Fishing is also a major livelihood in the town. The houses here follow almost similar patterns and colors. Apart from the beautiful scenes, you can also enjoy the silence here. Believe it or not, there are only about 300 individuals living here. Lastly, biking, kayaking, bird spotting and whale watching are famous activities here.

We are sure you are amazed by these villages. Do you want to visit them someday?

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