Traveling to Washington DC: Car Theft Prevention and Accommodation Ideas!

Be cheered up and let your thoughts fly as you set to explore the exquisiteness of Washington D.C.! From sun-kissed beaches to vibrant vineyards, from incredibly majestic structures to the striking art galleries, Washington DC is an overwhelming holiday destination for family fun, escapade, romance or revival!

Read below to get acquainted with some important tips to relish pleasurable and blissful holidays after booking on flights to Washington!


Travelers planning air travel and booking flights to Washington need to follow a set of etiquette to avoid being embarrassed or getting into trouble. Unlike other American cities, the dress code in Washington is a little more formal. Therefore, travelers must dress elegantly while visiting any public place like restaurants.

While dining out in Washington, travelers must be generous while giving out tips to the servers as it is a common practice in the city.

Mind Your Safety

Though Washington is quite a safe and secure destination and boasts low crime rate yet the travelers visiting here must follow some general precautions such as keeping purse or wallet safe, staying in well-lit areas and avoiding going out to less-traveled areas after dark. Moreover, some neighborhoods of the city such as east of the Anacostia River are not the safest of areas for the tourists and must be avoided by the travelers booking cheap flights to Washington.

Choose the Best Transportation

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It is also important to be vigilant while traveling within the city. Tourists booking cheap flights to Washington will find some transportation options in the city ranging from local buses to rental cars and from the Metro to taxis. It is highly imperative to be fully aware of your surroundings while traveling and to be protective of your belongings to shun the chances of theft and robberies. explains several ways to prevent car theft. However, travelers must choose a mode of transport which is not only safe but also saves time for traveling from one place to another. Due to the heavy traffic, confusing streets and long rush hours, hiring a car or taking a taxi in Washington might not be that a good idea. People booking a flight ticket to Washington will find the Metro to be the safest and fastest mode of transportation, ensuring a hassle-free trip.

Accommodation Options Available

Due to soaring tourism and growing popularity, some hotels in Washington are going through a massive restructuring to not only heighten the comfort level for the guests but to also restore their historic charm. Many hotels of the city are concentrated in areas like Foggy Bottom, Georgetown, and Dupont Circle and are known for offering pleasing services and warm reception. The various five stars rated hotels of the city such as Hay-Adams, Park Hyatt, Ritz-Carlton, and Mandarin Oriental are awe-inspiring and make the travelers feel special and privileged. Whereas, the budget hotels of the city like Embassy Inn, Georgetown Suites, Windsor Park Hotel, Windsor Inn and District Hotel are also quite popular and offer a comfortable stay at knock-down prices.

Best Time to Visit

The months of April and May (spring season) and September and October (autumn season) are considered to be best for planning a tour to Washington. During this time of the year, the city’s weather stays pleasant. Travelers planning holidays to Washington during the summer season (July and August) must restrict their touring in the city too early morning hours or late evening hours to avoid the scorching heat of the sun.

Follow these valuable tips and make your holidays Washington experience of unforgettable bliss whose memories will surely keep you warm for days to come.

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